Boarding Extras

Country Strolls — Your dog may enjoy a country stroll during his stay here. He will be taken out of the kennel but remain within the safety of our secure perimeter fencing, and entertained with a 15-20 minute walk around the grounds. He will be secured to a non-restrictive harness attached to a flexi-lead or a mountain rope choker-style collar. While exploring the property he will most certainly encounter the rabbits (from the safety of their enclosed natural habitat) and horses that roam the property. All this while safely accompanied by a Canine Leisure Engineer.

Royal Treatment — If your dog craves attention even more than activity, the Royal Treatment is available. This consists of one-on-one TLC and undivided attention, including petting, sitting in laps, belly rubs, and ear massages. Some folks ask us to incorporate some fetch into the Royal Treatment with their buddy's Frisbee or tennis ball.

Yappy Hour — If dogs could talk, they would most certainly be talking about Yappy Hour. This is a supervised play group of like-sized dogs—we feature a big dogs play group and a little dog play group. This extra lasts approximately 30 minutes to an hour. All dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate in Yappy Hour.

Kong-a-Jam — Take a Kong toy or a hollow beef bone; fill it with peanut butter, cream cheese, or dog treats (milk bones, pepperoni, liver treats, etc...); and sit back and watch. This recipe is followed daily for lots of happy campers at the Hairy Moose to give them an activity during our down time.

Boarded Day Care — This feature allows your dog to play all day in the day care area, only returning to his/her run at meals and overnight. All dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate in Boarded Day Care.

Boarding at the Hairy Moose Pet Retreat is different. All of our canine guests receive plenty of attention, lots of exercise, and the comfort of familiar faces. We have two different sizes of indoor/outdoor runs. The regular runs are 4 x 5 inside and 4 x 12 outside, the extra large runs are 6 x 5 inside and 6 x 12 outside. The inside and outside are connected by a dog door with freezer flaps on it to keep the central heat and air inside. The floors are painted concrete to facilitate cleaning.

In 2017, we added resting benches or cots from the KURANDA company. These cots are soft, cushioned, practically indestructible, and easy to sanitize. We supply additional bedding on them as needed.

For the extra small companion, we have the Little dog Room, with 10 little spaces either 3 x 4 or 4 x 4 , totally enclosed and free from drafts. This room is the best choice for dogs that are easily stressed by kenneling, or for dogs that are frightened by the noise and activity of the bigger dogs. The little dogs go out together as a supervised group in their own little play area five times a day. This group is always closely supervised by one of our well trained staff.

We feed twice a day at The Hairy Moose Pet Retreat. Research indicates that dogs fed smaller meals at more frequent intervals are less likely to bloat. Bloat is common to large breed dogs and is also known as GDV or /Gastric Dilitation Vovulous/(link to informational sites) and is often fatal. If your pet is used to having food available free choice, we are happy to provide this too, but any leftovers will be thrown away prior to refilling the bowl twice daily. Therefore, if you bring your own food, your pet may go through more while being boarded than he would at home. We want his food to be fresh at all times. If you bring your own food it should be packaged in individual baggies, one baggie per meal. We simply do not have the space to keep big bags of dog food on our feeding cart. If your dog is accustomed to eating from a raised feeder, we can supply that as well.

In addition to having access to the indoor/outdoor run, each dog is let out individually into one of the eight play yards for a minimum of 15 minutes in the morning and again for 15 minutes in the afternoon. Any additional activity (see our list of Hairy Moose Exclusive Extras) takes place outside of this time, just adding to the amount of time each dog receives out of the confines of his run.

We have everything that your dog might need at The Hairy Moose (excluding medications), but you are certainly welcomed to bring things from home. If your dog has never stayed with us before, we invite you to leave him for daycare prior to his first overnight stay. There is no charge for this trial day care visit. We offer this because we feel this makes your pet feel more secure, more aware of what is happening and the more he knows and understands, the more confident he will be.

Day Care

Especially for the busy owner and/or the bored best friend, daycare at the Hairy Moose revolves around the things that dogs thrive on; attention, stimulation, fellowship and activity. Dogs are social animals. They develop and maintain friendships not unlike our own. It is really a joy to see their faces soften and brighten as soon as they see their friends. Daycare provides a safely supervised forum to run and play and explore those friendships. Some dogs come once or twice a week, others come only on rainy days. You can choose the plan that works best for you and your friend. We have a large climate controlled "Romper Room" as well as a very large play yard! Since most of us at the Hairy Moose bring our own dogs to work we know how much easier they are to live with when they have plenty of exercise and attention. Dogs are the most happy when their needs for exercise and interaction are satisfied. We can all tell when we haven't ha d enough "me" time, a break from the daily monotony. Doggie daycare is the dog's version of "me" time. The layout of the Hairy Moose even provides possibilities of parallel play for dogs that enjoy running a fence line, barking and chasing the dog in the fence beside him. This allows dogs that might be too aggressive for regular daycare an activity option as well. All dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate in day care. Daycare is divided into three play groups: babies (less than 10 pounds); toddlers (10-20 pounds); and big kids (more than 20 pounds). Our daycare supervisors are not teenagers; they are skilled adults with years of experience.


We pride ourselves at the Hairy Moose Pet Retreat on giving the very best bath for the most reasonable rate. Our baths are performed in an elevated tub, with warm water and a variety of different shampoos. Chances are we have a shampoo especially suited for your pet's particular skin and/or coat care needs. All baths include cleaning ears using VetSolutions ear cleanser. Their nails will be trimmed also. Then your pet will be lathered up and brushed out thoroughly prior to being well rinsed and then dried with a powerful blow dryer, toweled off and placed into a large cage or run with fans to complete the drying process. We offer a quick turn around time, usually if your dog is at the kennel by 9am, you can pick him up by 11am. We appreciate appointments, but walk-ins are welcome between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Monday through Saturday. We only bathe boarding dogs on Sundays.


We now have three groomers and offer grooming by appointment Monday through Saturday. We offer quick turn around, so that your dog doesn’t have to stay in a cage all day. However, if you need to drop off early and pick up late, know that they will have a clean, spacious place to hang out and that they will have several potty breaks. All of our groomers are first and foremost experienced dog handlers. They love dogs and study dog behavior. Your dog’s comfort and safety is our top priority.

We also have the LIPS system, which is a collection of supports and slings to helps support any dog that needs extra help standing up.

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