About Hairy Moose

Our Facilities

Hairy Moose Pet Retreat consists of 52 spacious indoor/outdoor kennel enclosures, 10 little dog spaces, a large romper room for daycare, several individually enclosed yards, a bathing and grooming room, a laundry and storage room, and a drying room. In addition to the various enclosures, a six-foot fence surrounds the entire property for added security; our on-demand hot water heater ensures that we have plenty of warm water for washing dogs and sanitary purposes; and our newest HVAC system guarantees freedom from temperature extemes.

Numerous upgrades over the years have kept Hairy Moose a first class facility.

Our Staff

When locating a boarding facility for your dogs, the most critical quality is the staff that will be looking after your family members. The caregivers on duty are the bottom line between warehousing pets and truly caring for them.

"The staff at the Hairy Moose Pet Retreat are without question some of the finest people I have ever had the joy of knowing," Hairy Moose owner Prisi Selfridge says. "I am fortunate to call them my friends and even more fortunate to call them my colleagues. They are caring, compassionate, conscientious and knowledgeable. They are all responsible and particular dog owners themselves and believe in caring for your dog as they would want their own to be cared for."

You can rest assured that your pet will be observed carefully, fed properly, exercised sufficiently and provided for in a manner that is second to none.

CHRIS is our Day Care Counselor. She takes pride in caring for and playing with all of her charges. She comes to us from a career of caring for people and now she has "gone to the dogs!" All of the Day care dogs adore her and would follow her anywhere. She always has something special for the group to participate in, be it bubble catching, sit contests, or playing tag. When dogs go home from being with "Miss Chris" all day, they are POOPED!

JEFF has been here over a year and is very observant and responsible. We are happy to count him among the Hairy Moose Family.

KRISTINA has been with us for a while now. She is a diligent worker with a tender heart and we couldn't ask for a more responsible, attentive person. We have seen her grow from an unusually dedicated teenager into a remarkable young woman. She supervises the Little Dog Room, helps us with the big dogs and anything else that may need doing.

LINDA, PRISI, AND ANNETTE make their homes on the Hairy Moose property and work together on the day to day operations of The Hairy Moose Pet Retreat. We really enjoy the challenge of operating a small family business. There are personal aspects that are woven into the fabric of a small family business that you just can't find with a corporate affair. Animal nuts through and through, we have spent our lives opening our homes, hearts and purse strings to less fortunate critters of all shapes and sizes.


LISA — a permanent fixture here for years, Lisa is now retired and we miss her terribly, but we still see her a couple of times a week.

ALEX — While Alex is always nearby to help out when needed he has moved on to bigger and better things. He is now working as a mechanic, his true calling. He will always be part of the Hairy Moose Family.

ELENA took excellent care of the little dogs when she was here. She has now moved on to her dream job as an animator.

JESSIE is now working at Knox Doss Middle School and at a photography studio where her specialty is, of course, dogs.

NATALIE started here as a puppy herself, she was practically a fixture here. However, Natalie has moved on to married life and motherhood. We enjoyed having her around here to help with anything and everything. She is now wife to B.J. and mom to Titus. We miss Natalie, but know that she is exactly where she wants to be. We wish her and her family all the best.

DALLAS — When Dallas was here, he was the minority male. He led the way for all the other great fellows to follow. We wish Dallas all the best in everything he wants to do in life. For now, we wish him great success in the class room and on the ball field at Station Camp High School.

CASSANDRA — After taking great care of the Hairy Moose horses, Cassandra is off to bigger and better things. She is a freshman at UTK and only comes here on her holidays off from her studies. We wish her the best of luck at that precarious balancing act that comes with that first year at college.

AMANDA — After years of working here and being very active with our rescue efforts, she has ventured out on her own with a petsitting business in the Columbia-Spring Hill area. Her business is called For the Love of Dog.

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